Sunday, September 04, 2016


End of a Minor Era

I started to go see a local cover band called "Waiting on Ray" about 7 years ago because: 1) My then step-son Charlie had a teacher at his middle school who was in the band and told him about an early gig she had; and, 2) My then neighbors to the southwest knew the drummer and about the gig and they wanted to go see them. The then drummer worked at the oil company Anadarko, which is apparently named after Donnie Darko's sister. Anyway, we went and liked them a lot. Their song selection was a B, the instrument talent was a B as well, except for the bassists who is very good. But the voices of the two lead singers, one male, one female, was very good, an A bordering on A+. For some songs, like Misty Mountain Hop and You Oughta Know, truly memorable. I guess in the 7 years we saw them about a dozen times. Not quite groupies, but fans.

Anyway, they broke up. And by chance I attended their last concert ever. It was at the Little Bear in Evergreen. Here are a couple of photos.

The woman lead cried a lot while she sang the last song, the Journey song that ends with "keep on believing...." Appropriate. I wish them all luck in their new endeavors.


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