Saturday, July 30, 2016


Karaoke Night

Although my ability to sing well is questionable at best, I have nearly become addicted to American style Karaoke at a local bar--SoBo 151, where they have great Czech beer. I go a lot. A lot! This last time, several pretty young women, most of whom can really belt one out, sat at my formerly lonely table even though there were other tables at which no one was sitting. I'm not complaining.

And then there are the even younger girls there, with whom I cannot even pretend to flirt without feeling like creepy grandfather, but more on them later. Thank God I don't have any selfies to show.

I have to admit that it's taken me a long while to get used to the tattoos on women's arms, etc. The concentrating woman in the photo above is Amberrama, the Karaoke DJ who does Thursdays and Sunday nights. Man, can she sing. Baba O'Reilly is my current favorite by her. Guess what song was being sung when this photo was taken?

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