Saturday, June 18, 2016


Who Is Right?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, formerly known as the CDC, keeps statistics on all deaths in America. The FBI keeps statistics on all crime in America. Here are their statistics for homicide and murder and non-negligent homicide for 2013.

The CDC has 16,121 homicides total that year with 11,208 by gun fire.

The FBI has 12,253 murders and non-negligent manslaughters total that year with 8,454 by gun fire

That's a big difference? How do we know who is right?

I can't and don't believe that there are nearly 4,000 negligent manslaughter victims each year, nearly 2,800 involving guns. Somebody is not being square with us.
I checked for 1993. That year the CDC had 39,393 gun deaths in America-- 19,213 suicides, 18,839 related to assault and 1,543 accidents. For the same year the FBI had 24,526 murders and non-negligent manslaughter cases in America. They didn't break it down more than that (at least I couldn't find any stats like that). So it's been the case that the stats don't agree but it used to be that the FBI had more homicides than the CDC and now it's the opposite.

Who is right?

I have no clue.

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