Thursday, June 23, 2016


Some Essential Differences Between Right and Left

The Right is sure malum in se laws are just but is very suspicious of malum prohibitum laws. The Left is not so sure about malum in se laws but thinks malum phohibitum laws are hunky dory, as long as they get to say what is prohibited.

The Right's default political position is liberty -- is the law or policy or cultural norm focused on maintaining or providing freedom for the greatest number of people? The Left tells liberty to go sit at the back of the bus -- every law, policy or cultural norm they propose diminishes freedom for us, and that's the whole point.

The Right stands on principle for an ordered liberty and leaves the bulk of the policing to the individuals' self control. The Left is never satisfied with the amount of control it has over ordinary lives and is always seeking to demand or prohibit more behavior -- from shower flow, to toilet flow, to what lights we can use, to what we can throw away, to what we can or cannot eat, to what we can or cannot think or say. The Left rarely trusts the individual to make his or her own decisions.

The Right essentially wants to be left alone by the government. The Left supports an ever increasing, ever more intrusive government.

The Right thinks: Do just what you want so long as it doesn't deprive others of their rights and pursuits. The Left thinks: Everything not forbidden is compulsory.*

Some of the people on the Extreme Right are America's founding fathers: Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Mason, and Madison. Some of the people on the Extreme Left are Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Hitler.

The toll for political murder in the 20th Century by the Right barely cracks a hundred thousand. The toll for political murder in the 20th Century by the Left far exceeds a hundred million.

The Right thinks that what people earn is theirs and is outraged by the government taking more from the successful merely because it can. The Left is outraged that people want to keep what they've worked to obtain, and it wants to take ever more from the successful.

The Right trusts the unseen hands of the free market and thinks it has been the greatest anti-poverty program ever devised. The Right always wishes to unleash its potential for good, for wealth production, free from the strangling policies of the Left. The Left hates the free market and always seeks to consign the means of production to ever more government control. The Left ignores that government control of the markets and production always fails and results in extreme poverty and misery for the masses.

The Left believes the best social programs give to the unfortunate money taken by taxes and have government control of the program. The Right believes the best social program is a job.

The Right thinks that immigration into America should be used as a means for improving American and the lives of its citizens. The Right thinks that importing large numbers of people who have no desire to become Americans hurts the nation. The Left thinks the best immigration policy produces future voters for the Left.

*T. H. White,


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