Wednesday, June 15, 2016


More Gun Ignorance at the Rolling Stone

Here's the title of the piece: Everything You Need to Know About the AR-15 Used in Orlando
Here's the truth. It wasn't an AR-15.

It was a SIG Sauer MCX. Except for some of the box magazines the MCX can use, there is not a piece on it that would fit and work on an AR-15. Not one.

Not an AR-15. Not an AR-15 clone. Not in any way an AR. So why talk about a gun that wasn't used? Rhetorical question. Because the anti-gun zealots know very little about, well, guns. They want to disparage the AR-15 so all semi-auto rifles are ARs to them. Morons.

I know they mention the real gun in the article, but it didn't start that way. Here's the proof.

Update and correction: This piece has been updated to reflect the name of the AR-15 model used in the shooting, and corrected to reflect fact that the Snapchat footage from the scene of the crime captured more than 20 shots fired in a single nine-second stretch, not a 90-second stretch. 

They're still getting it wrong the SIG is not an AR at all. They have it all wrong and they're sticking with it even as they say they are correcting things.

Hey, gun-hating "journalists", don't let the facts get in the way of your narrative. Whatever you do, please don't do that. That would break my heart.



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