Thursday, June 09, 2016


Living a Life in Denial

The Australian Women's Soccer team members (they'd say football) are called the Matildas and the team, headed for the Olympics in Rio, is very good. So good that they are rated the 5th best woman's soccer team in the World and are picked by many as a team that will finish in the top 3.

On May 25, 2016 they played a boy's team of youngsters under 15, called the Newcastle Jets. The women lost 7-0. Now, some of the top talent on the team didn't play but 7-0, against 14 year old boys; that's a beating.

A lot of species of life on Earth have very different sexes. This is called sexual dimorphism. Many mammals show it, think of the 3 to 4 ton bull elephant seals in the southern hemisphere versus the one ton female seals. That's an extreme example. But the human race has a very palpable sexual dimorphism, as the Maltildas found out in late May of this year.

There are very smart people, professors of Women's Studies in many well respected (kinda) Universities all over America who either don't know this, or pretend that it doesn't exist. They think there is absolutely no difference between men and women that is not mere social construct.

But you have to be really educated to be that ignorant. Or you have to live in denial about really obvious things.


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