Monday, June 13, 2016


An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles

Atheist/scientist JBS Haldane said two things I particularly like. He suspected the Universe was not only stranger (he said queerer) than we imagine but stranger than we can imagine. And in response to a Christian's statement that God had created all life and cared about it all equally, Haldane said that the species numbers would cause us to believe that God favored beetles over all other species.

Liberals are doing their usual after a horrible religion motivated shooting, namely, shielding the Muslim perpetrator by saying Americans are as much to blame as him and saying that banning the tools of the shooter, semi-automatic guns, is the only way to prevent these shootings. Most of the liberal knee-jerk rote reaction to the Pulse shooting is despicable. I'll just focus on one article and only one part of it.

Michael Cohen writes in the Boston Globe:

[The Pulse shooting] is the type of killing that could happen anywhere in America. The shooter could be Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, or atheist, motivated by intolerance, religious zealotry, mental disorder, or simply blind rage.

Yeah, I guess Hindu's or Catholics or Jews could have shot up the Pulse, but they didn't. Although it's correct to say the shooter could have been of any religion, there certainly seems to be a lot of Muslim mass murder lately. A whole lot.

I blame the shooter first and his religion's belief that gay people should be killed second. Because the guns he used are inanimate, blaming them is just stupid.

Here's my new favorite gay activist on the subject. 

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