Tuesday, May 24, 2016


They Just Don't Get It

Here is a pretty long piece in the NYT about gun violence. There are a few very stupid things contained in it (which I'll get to) but the major flaw is that the journalist are blaming us non-journalist, everyday citizens for what the journalists in general are doing. Let's start with that.

The article is titled "A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings but America Isn't Listening." The NYT analyzed 358 shootings in 2015 where the shootings had 4 or more casualties. Here is the money quote:

Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black. Some experts suggest that helps explain why the drumbeat of dead and wounded does not inspire more outrage.

Yeah, it's us racist jerks who don't care about black homicides, who are not outraged by the carnage wrought by 12.6% of our population. Whites are 72.4% of the population and it's all their fault that no one cares about the inordinate number of black murderers and black murder victims. I'm just channeling here the feelings expressed by the writers of the piece, I don't actually believe we are uncaring. I know I care a great deal about black murder victims, all murder victims. I believe there is a different explanation for the alleged lack of outrage about the numbers of black murder victims and murderers.

The real reason is that the press rarely covers most black murders. Sometimes, when the murderer is white, or a child is involved as either victim or murderer, there is some coverage by the news, but rarely when it's quotidian black on black murders. Why is that?

I suggest that the journalist don't cover quotidian black on black murders because the number of such murders do not put the black community in a very good light.

Let's look at the FBI stats from 2014. There were 11,961 murders that year and 8,124 were from firearms (5,562 by handguns, 248 by rifles and 262 by shotgun). Here are the racial breakdowns where the race of the perpetrator was known. Like most activities, the bulk of murders are committed by a person of the same race as the victim.

Of the 3,021 white murder victims (not just by guns) 2,488 were killed by white murderers and 446 by black murderers. That's 82.3% white on white murder and 14.7% black on white murder.

Of the 2,451 black murder victims, 2,205 were by black murderers and 187 by white murderers. That's 89.96% black on black murder and 7.5% white on black murder.

So that's not completely awful in a dispassionate, relative way. Blacks murdered whites at a rate nearly twice that of whites murdering blacks, but the numbers of murders across racial lines are pretty small. Likewise black on black murder was nearly 90% while it was only 82.3% with whites. I can't see any useful data in those last two statistics.

The bad news is the rate of murders by the race of the perpetrator per representation in the general populace. That statistic ain't so good for the black community.

The rate of white murderers per 100,000 white citizens is 1.1. The rate of black murderers per 100,000 of black citizens is 5.6, that is, roughly five times higher than for whites. Put another way, blacks are  responsible for nearly as many murders as whites (2651 versus 2676) but blacks are only about 1/6th as numerous as whites. If I were a bleeding heart rather than a logical mind, I'd not want to trumpet those statistics. I don't talk about them here because I delight in showing the black community penchant for violence and murder. I'm only bringing it up because the journalists implied often in the article that us whites are not outraged because we are racist or uncaring about black victims or both. The number of white cops shooting black victims which amount to murder or manslaughter is tiny compared to the slaughter in the black neighborhoods. But if a black is shot by a cop, even when it is fully justified, the members of the community where it took place are wholly outraged. They riot. They start movements like (Only) Black Lives Matter. There appears to be nothing of this for the everyday murders in the same neighborhoods. Are the other blacks not outraged when a young black man shoots a 6 year old or a baby? I can't believe they are not, but I'm just as sure their outrage is not covered by the press in just the opposite way the press covers a young black man killed by a white cop. But we non-murdering whites are the problem, were the ones indifferent to the suffering of all the victims of murder.

No. No sale. The journalists calling us indifferent and racist are the ones not covering the daily multiple murders of young black men by other young black men. Apparently they are unaware that they are doing just what they complain wrongly that non-journalist whites are doing. They just don't see it. They just don't get it. There is none so blind as he who will not see.

Now to the other stupid stuff.

The NUT evaluation of the 4 or more casualty shootings in 2014 revealed "how easily lives are shattered when a firearm is readily available -- in a waistband, a glove compartment, a mailbox or garbage can that serves as a gang's gun locker." Oh, right, of course it is the availability of guns which causes the murders, not the murderous heart of the murderer. If we took away as many guns as possible, there would be no problems with multiple shooting deaths and injuries. It's the guns' fault for being available. Of course disarming the law abiding and not the criminals would not cause any problems whatsoever. Right?

Also as they are wont to do, the journalists' estimate of gun murders in America each year is far in excess of the figures from the FBI. The article says 11,000 die each year from gunshots. The FBI says that is about the number of all murder victims and only 8,124 are from firearms. Strange that the journalists would get it wrong and thereby exaggerated the problem. I'm sure it's an honest mistake.

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