Friday, April 01, 2016


40th Reunion

We held this last Thursday in Denver, Colorado our 40th reunion for the Spring Semester of the Goethe Institute Sprachschule in the town of Schwäbisch Hall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (it was West Germany at the time we attended). The reunion was very small, just me and Nick Keller, from Seattle. He brought his eldest daughter who was stunningly beautiful and so self-assured it was scary.
Here [not yet] is a photo of the all World (except Algeria) soccer team we fielded in 1976. Nick is a lapsed lawyer who has a growing wholesale plumbing supply business (with additional fields of endeavor included). Nick, like me, was Pac 8, although he stayed in Seattle while I traveled 3,000 miles west to Palo Alto.

The real reason Nick came to Denver was to see his third show of the current Springsteen tour (bit of a fanatic, I think). It was great of him to make an effort to get together in LoDo before the concert. We traveled together for about a month after graduating, with just enough knowledge and use of German to get laid, mainly to Berlin, which had the Wall at the time, but was still pretty cool. After Berlin, I went back to see Patty Painful in Paris (another form of Heaven) and he went on traveling until he had to go to Law School (where he knew my friend Mike Mensik--small World).

We both have three children--girl, boy, girl. Both like Springsteen a lot, although I liked his early pre-E Street Band period (1968 to 1974) much better than anything since. We're both much more conservative than we were in 1976, when he voted for Carter and I for Ford. That's the normal political drift of smart people who keep an open mind, I think.

We didn't say it then but to all our absent fellow studenten: Rotkäppchen, the beautiful far right Swede (aufgestanden), the blond, blue eyed Turk, the beautiful dark eyed Turk and her English fiancé; one of the first males to attend Vassar (where the ratio of men to women, he said, was heaven); the multi-ethnic guys from Singapore, whose English with each other was impenetrable; the former Olympic decathlon Turk; the American Hans; the French speaking Swiss; the Saudi Minister of Energy (other than oil); the Venezuelans, one dark, one Nazi colored; lapsed lawyer Saito, the exquisite Doi, the wild Brazilian women; the super polyglot Italian Anna; and all the rest: Prosit!

It was great to see him. Great to have such a flood of vivid but brief memories. Sed fugit interea, fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore


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