Saturday, February 27, 2016


Take 'Em to the Bank Oscar Predictions

Have I mentioned, recently, that two years ago I went 22 right for 24 picks? No? Here are my 2016 picks:

The big nine:

Best Picture-- The Revenant
Best Leading Man-- Leonardo DiCaprio
Best Leading Lady-- Brie Larson (probably)
Best Supporting Actor-- Sylvester Stallone (could well be Mark Rylance)
Best Supporting Actress-- Alicia Vikander (should be Jennifer Jason Leigh) but this one is difficult
Best Foreign Film-- Son of Saul (always go with films about Nazis killing Jews)
Best Director-- Inaratu (director of The Revenant, however you spell his last name)
Best Screenplay, Original-- Spotlight (always go with films about the supposed horribleness of Catholics)
Best Screenplay, Adapted-- The Big Short

Easy calls:

Cinematography-- The Revenant
Documentary-- Amy
Animated Feature-- Inside Out
Art Direction-- The Revenant

Here are the not that easy rest:

Documentary Short-- Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah (but most people are backing Body Team 12)(always go with films about Nazis killing Jews)
Sound Mixing-- The Revenant
Sound Editing-- The Revenant (what, exactly, is the difference between sound mixing and editing?)
Original Song-- 'Til It Happens to You from The Hunting Grounds, which I hear is awful and mostly lies (some people picked the 50 Shades of Gray song)
Score-- The Hateful 8
Makeup-- Mad Max: Fury Road

Here are the next to impossible to call:
Film Editing-- The Revenant (could be any of them)
Visual Effects-- Mad Max: Fury Road (could be any of them)
Animated Short-- Bear Story (but it could be World of Tomorrow)
Live Short-- Shok (but it could be Stutterer)
Costume Design-- Mad Max: Fury Road (but it could be any of them)

I'm getting a little annoyed with the three short film categories. There once was a time that the movies in theaters had a cartoon, newsreel, and a short; and then the movie itself -- but that lineup is long gone. No one sees these shorts anymore and no one knows which one is going to win. It's getting more difficult for me to pretend that I have a clue about them because my picks are nearly always extremely wild ass guesses.

I'm not going to watch the show actually. It is becoming ever more tedious and I want to see what the zombie apocalypse survivors and the clever hedge fund billionaire are up to.
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm beginning to like TV more than the movies.


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