Monday, February 29, 2016


Oscar Pick Results

Wasn't my best night. The Revenant was not the Best Picture and didn't get the co-commitment technical awards. Mad Max (not the Best Picture) won all those.

Best Picture-- The Revenant Wrong (always go with films about the supposed horribleness of Catholics) Spotlight won. 
Best Leading Man-- Leonardo DiCaprio
Best Leading Lady-- Brie Larson
Best Supporting Actor-- Sylvester Stallone (could well be Mark Rylance) Wrong (it was Mark Rylance)
Best Supporting Actress-- Alicia Vikander
Best Foreign Film-- Son of Saul (always go with films about Nazis killing Jews)
Best Director-- Inarritu (who wins back to back - only two other directors ever did that)
Best Screenplay, Original-- Spotlight
Best Screenplay, Adapted-- The Big Short
Cinematography-- The Revenant (This is Emmanuel Lubezki's third win in a row. No one else ever did that).
Documentary-- Amy
Animated Feature-- Inside Out
Art Direction-- The Revenant Wrong It was Mad Max
Documentary Short-- Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah Wrong (always go with the victim rising above horrible mistreatment of women, the younger the better)
Sound Mixing-- The Revenant Wrong It was Mad Max
Sound Editing-- The Revenant Wrong It was Mad Max
(what, exactly, is the difference between sound mixing and editing?)
Original Song-- 'Til It Happens to You from The Hunting Grounds Wrong (always go with the James bond song).
Score-- The Hateful 8
Makeup-- Mad Max: Fury Road
Film Editing-- The Revenant (could be any of them) Wrong It was Mad Max
Visual Effects-- Mad Max: Fury Road (could be any of them) Wrong It was about the only time Mad Max did not win a technical. Ex Machina won, a film I sung the praises of.
Animated Short-- Bear Story (but it could be World of Tomorrow)
Live Short-- Shok (but it could be Stutterer) Wrong It was Stutterer.
Costume Design-- Mad Max: Fury Road

I was 14/24 and lost to my friend. Ouch. My daughter only won her party pool because she picked Spotlight instead of my choice. I think I underestimated the disinterest the ever growing number of women in Hollywood had to a pre-civil war trapper western. I still think it was a good choice.

Now for a quick comment on politics. If Rock is representative of African-American thinking then what whiney bitches they have become. Blaming racism is apparently a vital lie for that ilk.


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