Thursday, December 03, 2015


Stupid Sentence of the Day

This is from the normally accurate Newsmax, regarding the ammo cache of the extremist Muslims (who could have seen that coming?) who murdered Californians yesterday:
There were thousands of rounds found in the couple's home for their weapons, including 2,500 high-caliber .223 rounds.
We gun fans just laugh at this idiocy.

Rifle bullets are generally measured by the diameter of the bullet either in percent of an inch or in millimeters. The available rounds which could conceivably be fired by single person holding it go from .17 (the size of a BB) to 20mm.

The really large .50 BMG round is 12.7mm. .30 caliber is 7.62mm and .223 is 5.56mm, just over one quarter of a truly high caliber round.

Saying .223 is high-caliber is an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp.

And if that's a mistake and the writer meant high-power, wrong again. The .223 is an intermediate round designed for our assault rifle; it is too wimpy to be used to hunt deer. The highest foot-pounds of power for .223 which I could find is 1642. The lowest power for a .50 BMG round is around 12,000.

The .223 does have a good velocity (usually around 3400ft./sec. and as high as the rare 4000 with a 35 grain (small) bullet); so saying high-velocity would not be laughed at, but that's not what the person wrote.


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