Tuesday, December 01, 2015


In What Way Are These Criminals on the Right?

Seriously unfunny Arab American comic Dean Obeidallah has this month's duty to revive the tired meme that while it seems that Muslims are doing nearly all the terrorism in the world, what we really need to fear is the far right. Dean dives in, but plumbs no new depths here.

And if you're wondering if you're supposed to know who Mr. Obeidallah is, here's a blast from the past. Remember when the non-stop liberal gab fest on Melissa Harris-Perry's show made fun of the Romney family for having an adopted black baby, as shown in a family picture they laughed at? Dean was the sparkplug to that hilarity. Of course it's funny to the liberal Weltanschauung that a white conservative family would adopt a black baby because white conservatives are supposed to hate blacks. (I guess black conservatives hate themselves). This is known. His firm belief that conservatives are racists shapes his newest routine. Behold.

The threat posed by ISIS is real and must be forcefully addressed. But if these Republicans truly want to keep us safe, why don’t they ever raise the issue of right-wing terrorists? After all, as The New York Times reported just a few months ago, “Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims.

So, the talented Mr. O is merely updating the fairly stupid NYT article from last June which made it OK to call every "white supremacist, antigovernment fanatic and other non-Muslim fanatic" a right wing extremist whether or not any evidence of the political affiliation of the criminal exists. The trend continues here.

Mr. O identifies Robert Curtis Doyle, Ronald Beasley Chaney III, Charles Daniel Halderman, Glendon Scott Crawford, Craig Tanber, Robert Doggart and Dylann Roof as right wing extremists. And he knows this because he has researched these losers' political party affiliation, their political beliefs, their voting patterns and political contributions, what they read and what they listen to, right? No, they are right wing because they hate someone--blacks, homosexuals, Muslims or Jews and of course only the right does that. The only thing they actually seem to have in common is a long history of criminal behavior. Most criminals are Democrats, moron.

The left always calls the shooter right wing and they are nearly always wrong. My bet is, if we could find out the political beliefs of the 7 people mentioned the majority would not be conservatives or Republicans at all.

Unfortunately, I can't find out anything about their political affiliation. What's up with that?

UPDATE: Add Colorado Springs shooter Dear to the list of right wing extremist. Never mind the lack of evidence for that assertion.


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