Sunday, December 13, 2015


Argumentum ad Misericordiam

Mike Lupica is the classic definition of a fanatic. He can't change his mind but he won't change the subject, and the subject is how evil guns are. I never realized until today, however, what a poor writer he is.

Hey, Mike, objects aren't evil, people are evil.

Today's sermon is 95% tugging at the heart strings, appealing to pity, the rhetorical fallacy which is the title of my piece. It's 95% wallowing in the pathos of people in the town where the Sandy Hook school shooting took place nearly 3 years ago. I'll look at his more or less logical statements.

But when a couple of good jihadists doing the shooting with their Adam Lanza guns in San Bernardino, that gets the blood boiling on the Republican campaign trail, does it ever. It is so much easier to get tough with a religion than the high church of gun manufacturers whose sales just keep going up, as the number of guns in private hands in this country becomes as insane as any statistic of American life.

Good jihadists? Mike, what bizarro moral world do you live in? And the phrase  'the high church of gun manufacturers whose sales just keep going up' is pretty stupid. Guns are tools, highly specialized tools, but just tools. Change the tool and you see just how stupid-- the high church of reciprocating saw manufacturers whose sales just keep going up. There are fans of guns in the shortened version of the word 'fanatics' way but no one worships guns. Pathetic extended metaphor there, Mike.

But the worst is the last clause; 'as the number of guns in private hands in this country becomes as insane as any statistic of American life.' First, statistics are usually statement of facts and are not insane in any way, so to call statistics insane is pretty stupid. Since no statement of fact is insane, what Mike is saying is that the 312 million guns owned by Americans is as insane as any other statistic, which is to say gun ownership at that level is not insane at all. An actually competent writer who just had to use the words 'statistics' and 'insane' in the same sentence about despised gun ownership would have called the statistic of gun ownership more insane than any other statistic of American life.

Still they all hide behind the Second Amendment, which will eventually kill more Americans than ISIS ever will.
I thought it was the guns that were doing all the killing? This is reaching way beyond the strained conceit that the inanimate tools do the killing without any human influence or human responsibility, it's blaming the recognition that Americans have a right not to die just because of someone wants to kill them. We can fight back and we can fight back effectively, using the weapon of our choice and not the government approved weapon.

Mike, ISIS is a group of very evil people, all Muslims. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is ink on parchment, but deeper, an idea, a beneficial idea that we have a right to life, to self defense, to keep and bear arms (because it's a good idea to have a civilian militia to oppose a coup by government armed forces). This is your typical stupid comparison of two completely unlike things because, Mike, I hate to break this to you, you're none too bright.

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