Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Update on the Movie Truth

Things are not going well for the Orwellian or through-the-looking-glass titled movie Truth which lies regarding lies about lies regarding the fraudulent Wednesday 60 minutes broadcast in 2004.

It's a bomb, a dud, a failure at the box office. We only get weekend estimates (nothing from the distributor during the week). Last weekend, Truth slipped to 22nd place on the box office chart. It was moved out of more than 50% of the theaters showing it (down from over a thousand to 554 now). It lost more than half its weekend revenue (down to just over $370,000 take this past one). It has a really pitiful screen average of $669; and in the four weeks of distribution (first two weeks were limited) it's only taken in about $2 Million. That's really pathetic.

Couldn't have happened to more deserving movie makers.

If your movie is called Truth, you might consider actually telling it therein.


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