Monday, July 13, 2015


Third Thoughts on the Second Season of True Detective

That was an intense firefight. Full-auto AKs and explosions and lots of redshirts caught in the spray and pray from the gangsters. I liked very much how the visual narrative cogently followed the three detectives through the chaos. All of them acted bravely but Farrall's character clearly was the bravest and Kitsch's was the most competent (very good gunfighting stance). I think he shot the majority of the bad guys. I even liked it that the female detective, who was out of ammunition and could not find any help on a slain cop nearby, pulled out her curved knife with a finger hole (like the knives of the second baddest ass in The Raid 2) as if she was actually going to take a knife to a gun fight.

I'm thinking without real evidence that the gangsters were tipped off just before the cops arrived which allowed them to prepare to fight but not to get away cleanly. The cops were in the middle of the street rather than along the building, after all, but perhaps nothing would have hidden them in the broad daylight. There were several headshots but that is not necessary for a suddenly fatal shot with the intermediate round the AK fires (7.62 v 39mm). The bullets go right through the class of vest the cops were wearing (only really heavy military vests stop intermediate rounds--nothing stops full sized rifle rounds). The headshot is dramatic though.

Oh, and there were some developments before the firefight but for the life of me I can't recall them now.

It's possible that the single take, moving camera filming of the botched robbery in the 4th episode of the first season was purer cinematically, but this was very exciting, even harrowing. See, I told you the series was coming along.

Look upon these works ,you cynics, and despair.


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