Monday, July 06, 2015


Guilty Pleasures

The cable TV series Penny Dreadful is pretty stupid. It's long on mood and short on substance. It has some good people in it though. I don't know who plays Frankenstein's original monster but he's pretty good.* So the second season ended with the werewolf played by Josh Hartnett being wooed by the lovely, Christian (demon in training) Eva Green. Come away with me and we'll live together away from other people, she asks him, as she takes him in her lovely arms and moves in for the kiss.

He stops her and says he'll think about it.

But rather than go with her, he decides to admit to the one armed Boer War vet/Scotland Yard detective that he's murdered many Londeners, although there is no evidence he did anything. And it's not a soul cleansing move. He chewed them up when he was werewolfing. When he's a human, which is 97% of the time, he's good.

This has to be the single worst decision depicted on television, ever.

*Turns out he's Roy Kinnear's son Rory. Roy was a comic character actor who died tragically filming the very bad second sequel to Richard Lester's The Three Musketeers (still my favorite musketeer movie even though the sword play is crap). It was something to do with horses. They finished the movie without him but failed totally to hide his absence.


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