Monday, July 27, 2015


Fourth Thoughts on the New Season of True Detective

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree. That's a legal concept, very well known, that evidence uncovered by illegal acts of the government (usually by the police) is inadmissible at court. Keep that in mind.

I have a big, big problem with the leit motiv in both seasons that big businessmen, members of the government and religious leaders love to make snuff films. Sorry. I find that highly unlikely. I'm willing to believe the mild corruption shown in the "chocolate sandwich" section of O Lucky Man! Heck, we have a real life version of that with Ted Kennedy lore. I'm even willing to believe that rich and powerful men get together for orgies (as in Eyes Wide Shut and last night's episode) from time to time. It's more difficult for me to believe few of the participants are going into private rooms but are humping away in hallways, but perhaps that's just me. It seems to me that rich men would have no trouble getting dates and failing that, getting prostitutes sent to their house or a motel room. I don't know what lure the sex party has over private room sex. I have never been with a prostitute so I don't know but I would think that rich, successful men wouldn't find much stimulation in a woman who could be a prostitute. Sorry if I'm defaming you, O cultured and interesting prostitute. But the idea that rich, successful men long to kill a woman and record it, thus making it easier to catch them, is just ludicrous. And keep in mind, the snuff films in both seasons of TD are not a lone psychopath recording his lonely, evil deeds, but a group thing, a production by others of a non-psychopath (ostensibly) doing the killing for the viewing pleasure of himself and others. There just aren't many of those. I don't believe it is a common occurrence among the rich and successful. Perhaps I've led too sheltered a life.

There is indeed danger in a police officer going undercover and part of it is the danger of being found out and murdered and part of it is having to do criminal things to keep up the undercover front of the officer. Did Ani really think she could pose as a prostitute at the orgy and not have either to fuck or to kill someone? And if it was the latter, was she really counting on self defense to save her? And even lamer is the "back-up" provided by the other two stars. When you come onto private property, guns drawn, to break into the house in order to protect an undercover officer, it will be difficult to explain your assault or killing of the private security personnel at the house. Self defense or defense of others is a long shot. Ani appears to have murdered someone. There was no imminent threat of violence when she stabbed the guy. The violence came after she stabbed him (to death?).

And after the armed burglary of an occupied house to obtain the incriminating contracts (do criminals really make documents to record their criminal behavior?) there is no chance in hell that either those actual documents or any evidence uncovered using the information they contain will ever be introduced into evidence at trial. None whatsoever. How do our intrepid three detectives plan to explain how they got the documents? (A CI gave them to me and I don't know how he got them; certainly I didn't tell him to get them). Not a chance. The bad guys report the assault on the guard, the burglary and theft of documents so that the actual evidence of the assault and burglary exist in a police investigation and they are home free. Oh yeah, they could report the murder too. That would get some police involvement. One of the female guests stabbed this guy for no reason and fled the scene. No, officer we don't know who she is.

So just when you were hoping for a turn for the better, True Detective took a turn for the worse. Still have no idea who killed the comptroller, Caspere, or why. I can't tell if that is a good thing or not.


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