Friday, June 26, 2015


The Slippery Slope Tilts a Few Degrees Down

My only arguments against finding in the 14th Amendment a right to same sex marriage was a slippery slope one. I know those are weak. I didn't think same sex marriage would in itself do any damage to society. The problems lay in the Court finding another right that does not actually exist and by replacing the thousands of years old definition of marriage (male and female pair bonding for procreation) with you can marry anyone you love for equality, you paved the way for marriages that would do damage to our society. I used examples like marrying an 8 year old or marrying multiple spouses. If the only criterion for a right to marry is "you love that person (or, I guess, thing)" then people will have no arguments against allowing that next wave, awful marriage at least no argument other than the ones that failed to stop gay marriage by judicial fiat. (I have absolutely no problem with democratic voting on the subject, majority rules). And those next round of rights to marry could well do damage to our society

So, within hours of the ruling Politico Mag had a long article that polygamy (and polyandry no doubt) should be next to be made legal. Coverage here.

Sucks to be so prescient.

There was one laugh. At one site a very droll commenter said that the internet was slow today because so many blogs who had made fun of the slippery slope argument regarding polygamy were deleting those posts.

Sucks to be blind to unintended consequences too.


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