Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Long Range Weather Forecast

I'll begin my second decade of blogging with some predictions. Here in Colorado, we'll have plenty of water this Summer. After a very wet late Spring, the snow pack is well over 100%.

There is a quite good El Nino forming up in the equatorial Pacific so rainfall this Fall and Winter should be better and perhaps good in the whole of California and western Nevada and the Sierra Madre snow pack should be about 70% of normal by the first day of Spring, 2016.

Now if only the political leadership in California would realize the bleeding obvious that southern California sometimes has multi-year droughts. The leaders of the past, who actually had foresight, realized this and built water storage systems to tide the inhabitants over when the droughts happened. But the last, large water storage project was finished in the 70s when California had about 20 Million people and now it has over 40 Million people.

Thank God the once and current leadership (all Democrats including twice governor Brown (the Lesser)) put a stop to those horrible water storage projects. Otherwise, who knows what ecological damage would have been done during the latest drought.

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