Thursday, May 21, 2015


Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Real, Challenging, Street Art

Men who rape women are scum; women who falsely claim they were raped are scum too.


I'd be interested in your take on this. I tend to go along with ExCop-Lawyer in the comments, but that's based on pro-2A bias rather than knowledge or experience.
Like you I believe I am a 2ndA purist. I would be happy if a 14 year old non-crazy with no criminal record could buy a fully auto weapon at the Ace Hardware with no paperwork other than her name dob and ssn on a form to check the non-crazy with no criminal record. I would keep 2ndA rights for malum prohibitum felons. I think the 2ndA protection extends to the box magazines and cartridges and not just to the gun. So I would not ban "snail" handgun magazines. There is a strain of judicial review which sees the things other than the gun as akin to time, place manner of using words (so that reasonable restrictions are constitutional on magazines and bullets) but that to me is a stupid analogy with no basis in reality. The blogger you cited seems mad at the magazine. I would be mad at the shooter.
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