Saturday, April 11, 2015


Taking People at their Word

For reasons I really can't fathom, the true believers in catastrophic, human-caused global warming have taken to talking about 'carbon' when they mean 'carbon dioxide'. But, I guess they are the experts and they know what they're talking about when they say carbon is a killer pollutant, the single greatest threat to our continued existence on Earth.

So diamonds are 100% of the killer pollutant carbon, in a crystalline form. They are the very essence of carboniferous evil. So I'm offering any true believer in catastrophic, human-caused global warming who doesn't want any contact with the killer pollutant carbon to take their diamonds off their hands and put them in a safe place away from everyone (a safety deposit box in a little used vault nearby). I'll charge a very modest fee for this carbon sequestration.

Just doing what I can to save the planet.


Don’t forget graphite. It is also 100% carbon in a less pretty form. Better start collecting those pencils.
How fun! I see that you've got TWO readers....

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