Monday, February 23, 2015


Oscar Prediction Results

I was 18/24. I missed (almost on purpose) Best Picture but got the rest of the big 7 right (Remember--Hollywood loves disease dramas and to pat itself on the back for its denizens' portraying themselves sacrificing for art).

Regarding screen writing. Missed that Birdman would win original script too. I should have seen that coming.

Missed the long cartoon. The trailers for Big Hero 6 did look pretty good. I have alas moved on from cartoons.

Missed sound mixing. The winner was Whiplash, which I actually want to see now.

Missed film editing. It was Whiplash again.

I missed best film score. Grand Budapest beat the frontrunner Theory of Everything.

Dave, who taught me how to pick the winners (mostly), finally pulled ahead and won the bet after a long string of losses. Well done, my friend.


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