Friday, January 16, 2015


Thought of the Day

Muslim terrorists slaughter 17 in Paris, and Obama responds vigorously:
Today, the President unveiled a new proposal: Make two years of community college free for responsible students across America.
Muslim terrorists in Nigeria plunder and pillage a village, killing hundreds, and Obama leaps to defend freedom:
President Obama has revealed that he will be pushing for the Healthy Families Act (which, given that it’s about paid sick leave, should be the Unhealthy Families Act, surely?) to become law.
Muslim terrorists in Syraq (or is it Iraqia?) post a video showing a child hacking off the heads of two prisoners, and Obama says no mas:
Yesterday, President Obama announced that he is challenging the federal government to remove all unnecessary regulatory barriers to broadband build-out and competition, and is establishing a new Broadband Opportunity Council. The council will bring together more than a dozen government agencies with the singular goal of speeding broadband deployment and improving access in areas that need it most.
It’s like he’s in a different movie. It’s one thing to not say the phrase “Muslim terrorists”, but to pretend that they’re not there? Setting aside any value in his proposals, aren’t they a little weird in context of daily headlines? Don’t they come from an alternate reality?

Bloodthristy Liberal


Did you happen to see Gutfeld's vid on the Kerry/James Taylor thing?

I cannot imagine what the French thought....
I like him very much. I'm going to look at it now. Thanks. Our resident blog star, Steven Green, down in the Springs said, what, was Carol King singing "It's Too Late" unavailable. Or something like that.
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