Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Interesting French National Police Weaponry

Here are some photos of one of the weapons carried by the French National Police in the big Musulmanhunt a few days ago. At first I thought they carried the Little Brown Rifle* by Ruger, aka the Mini 14.

But on closer examination, I see they're carrying the Ruger AC556, a full auto version of the Mini 14.
The French have also upgraded the wooden stocks usually sold by Ruger. The gun is still in the awfully underpowered .223 (5.56mm on the continent) but it's cool that they're using American weapons.

Here's how you tell it's the AC556:

The little do hickey near the back end of the receiver (right above the trigger) on the top of the wooden stock.
That's a selector switch. Up (the position it's in now) is semi-auto. Halfway back is three shot burst. All the way back is full auto.
I have to say I like the uniforms too, with the plastic greaves and the retro looking shoulder upper arm overlapping plastic plates. Looks a little like Japanese armor.
* The Mini 14 is one of the weapons that reveals the assault weapon ban to be the sick joke it was. The Mini 14 uses the same rotating bolt as the M-1 Garand and the M-14, its superior cousin. It shoots .223 from removable box magazines of various capacity. Many use the dreaded thirty rounders. It has the same firepower as the AR 15 (and its lookalikes and progeny) but the Mini 14 has never been banned nationally and the only reason is that it has a wooden stock and looks therefore not as mean and military as the all plastic and steel ARs. That was the only difference between the banned and non-banned, how they looked. Pathetic.


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