Friday, November 21, 2014


Looking Back

I'm thinking about the impressive political things I have lived to see live on TV during my lifetime.

I saw Pres. Kennedy tell us about nuclear weapons in Cuba.

I saw Kennedy's assassin shot by Jack Ruby on the Sunday after the Friday Kennedy killing (the weekend without cartoons).

I saw Gov. George Wallace (D-AL) stand in the door way to prevent black students from entering UA.

I saw Bill Buckley threaten to punch Gore Vidal in the face and I then saw cops hit hippies over the head, repeatedly, with nightsticks in Chicago in 1968.

I saw Nixon leave the White House in disgrace, the only President to resign a few steps ahead of the impeachment.

I saw Reagan talk about paying for a microphone.

I saw Michael Dukakis riding in a tank with a ridiculous helmet on his head.

I saw Democrat election judges looking hard at un-dimpled ballots in Florida.

I saw young George Bush talk about Justice through a loud speaker in downtown NYC not a full year into his presidency.

And I watched tonight a president, knowing for a fact that it was wrong, illegal, unconstitutional, and beyond his power, usurp illegal powers to thwart the People's will in an action that contain the seeds of political ruin for our great country.

So I've seen some important TV here and there.


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