Friday, October 17, 2014


Changing the Rules in an Unsuccessful Effort to Change the Results

Lefty websites Mayday.US and teamed up to sponsor a contest for a 30 second political ad (Sheesh, haven't we seen enough of those lately?) regarding money in politics. They have a lefty team to judge which one was best but they invited the public to vote for its favorite and that went horribly wrong for the leftists. The only right thinking video, about the hypocrisy of Tom Steyer, who has donated the most money by far in this election, was winning 25 to 1 over the next most popular entry.

What's a collectivist to do when the collective won't do what one wants it to do?

Change the rules of course.

Here's what the site used to say were the rules and time limits for submissions and voting:

“Contest ends at 5:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, October 16, 2014.  The sooner you post your video, the more time you’ll have to get votes,”

Here's what the site says now:

“Contest submissions ends [sic] at 5:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, October 16, 2014.  The sooner you post your video, the more time you’ll have to get votes.  The 24-hour voting period begins on Thurdsday [sic] at 5pm ET, and ends on Friday at 5pm ET, October 17th, 2014.”

I'm assuming the typos in the new version are a result of panic and haste in changing the rules.

So they threw out all the old votes and just counted the ones cast in the 24 hour period tacked onto the old time limit. I guess they hoped that the leftists who read these sites would rally to the cause and vote the best lefty submission to victory.

Well that doesn't appear to be happening. There are about 30 entries and the average number of votes for the lefty ones is in the low double digits. The most popular lefty entry has just over 300 votes with 9 hours to go. Most of the entries got only the film-maker's mother and friends to vote for them (and a few couldn't even get even a mother's vote). The Steyer entry has over 5800 votes and is winning 19 to 1.

The panel will almost certainly not award the Steyer entry the prize but it's good to see what the people think. The vote has the feel of non-social(ist) justice.


I am very proud to have helped out. I voted for the video before the rules were changed - and I suspected they would be changed - and I voted again last night after the rules changed. They still can't win even after they've changed the rules. Ha!
Well done.
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