Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Well Equipped Enemy

A German soldier some time after 1942 fires his semi-automatic rifle out a doorway. This looks like a G-43 (although it could be a K-43) and possibly it's from late in the war based on the "plywood" looking stock. The only thing these had over the M1 Gerand was the 10 round removable box clip. (You had to shove 8 .30-06 rounds held together by a clip down into the open magazine of our superb weapon, making it unlikely to ever have a scope above the action). You could make this into a sniper rifle and there is a groove visible on the receiver for just such a mounting. It shot the full sized 7.92 x 57mm round. It never was a game changer like our semi auto was compared to the bolt action K-98 (developed in 1898) or like the STG 43 was compared to every other small arms before it.

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