Thursday, September 04, 2014


Very Brief Movie Reviews

It appears I'm only going to SciFi movies this year:

Edge of Tomorrow is terrific. Funny, exciting, slightly profound and Emily Blunt is very sexy. Who knew? I remember a story I read in the 60s with an alien who could go back in time if attacked. I think it was by a French writer. I can't find it and Google sucks.

Guardians of the Galaxy was good. Funny, exciting but not profound at all. A good summer film.

Both were based on what I still call comic books. I have a rule against going to see a movie based on a comic book I've read but fortunately I had never read these. The graphic part of graphic novels seems to lend itself easier to movie versions than plain old books or scripts.

The tugging on the heart strings is a little awkward in both.

Looking forward to Interstellar if only because McConaughey has been on such a roll lately.


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