Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Years of Living Dangerously Gives Up the Ghost

A really successful show has a 40 percent share, that is, of all the televisions on, 40% are tuned to that successful show. The episode before last night's YOLD had a .05 percent share. That's not very good. And it has become such a loser that Showtime moved it to Monday so that the stink of its dreadful failure won't affect the other shows, apparently.

And it continues to be both dull and one-sided propaganda.That combo spells doom every time they try it. They repeated the "accepted science" that one full foot of sea rise at New Jersey near the mouth of the Hudson last century was caused by anthropogenic global warming. I cannot find the source of that false assertion. OK, I've seen the tidal gauges (usually just since the early 20th C.) and they show the rise of a foot more or less over the past 100 years. So what was the rise in the 100 years before that? And the 100 years before that, etc. back to the start of our current interglacial. If they don't know that, how can they possibly say the rise in the 20th C. was not the ordinary slight rise of the past thousand centuries?

I say they can't. Help me out, Warmies. Who, besides the semi-celebrity on the unwatched show, say the last foot of sea level rise was caused solely by the human output of CO2?


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