Saturday, April 05, 2014


Changing the Settings

I was so disgusted with the ouster of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for having the same attitude about gay marriage 6 years ago as President Obama did then (and not the attitude Dick Cheney had then), that I stopped using Firefox. Had to rebuild my favorite list, which was a pain in the butt and is still a work in progress.

When Andrew Sullivan, who has never seen a gay issue he didn't support with all his heart, says the sore winner gaystopo is acting very badly, you know the gays and their supporters are screwing up royally.

I stopped using Firefox before Charles Krauthammer suggested it.

One day I'll talk about my idea for a counterstrike against intolerant gays which I call the "Hammer" but not this day.


Sullivan (whom I stopped reading back when he got really, really weird) has done an outstanding job of criticizing the Mozilla Madness. The type of uproar on the left that Eich's piddly little donation caused simply underscores that the left will never ever get to a point when it will be satisfied. At the risk of going all "Godwin" here, I might even suspect that they wouldn't be totally content until the concepts of "camps" and "re-education" come back into daily use.

I've used Chrome for 1/2 year now, and it works just fine. Yeah, I also had to rebuilt my favorites, but in the course of that I purged a bunch of links that were either broken or had fallen out of use.

It's kind of like moving house every 10 years or so -- you get to clean out closets, drawers and the basement boxes.

Obviously, XDA was a survivor.... Heh.
Oh, and I meant to add that all of these self-satisfied lefties, celebs, journos, pundits et al., seem to have not yet learned the lesson that all movements, all of them, end up eating their own, French Revolution-style.
Thanks. I'm with you all the way. Pas d'ennemi a gauche. Until they are less gauche than you--then all hell breaks loose.
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