Sunday, March 02, 2014


Oscar Pick Results

I guessed right 22 of 24. I missed best live short and best animated short. Those are generally hard and I never get to see them before or after.

The show was difficult to watch, and I generally didn't (True Detective and The Walking Dead instead) but what I saw of DeGeneres was pretty good. The banter for the category announcers was particularly lame. Repeating the words hero or heroes every third sentence was galling (play actors are heroes? grips and gaffers and assistant directors are heroes?--right. The military has heroes, sometimes firefighters and cops, that's about it). Some of the acceptance speeches were either maudlin self congratulations or interminable lists of names. Unwatchable, particularly Cate Blanchett's. I might be less inclined to watch her work in the future just for her interminable speech.

There is, unfortunately, nothing to be done to improve them. Some people watch no matter how bad they are.


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