Saturday, January 25, 2014


Thought of the Day

You could simply feel their confidence that everyone should love this plucky hero from Texas. Even more palpable was their certainty that everyone they know feels the same way. MSNBC was a veritable 24-hour groupthink-cam in which we got to watch bunkered, insular, and smug MSMers assume everyone shares their pieties and preferences. “Isn’t she just fantastic! Who couldn’t love such a pretty lady who’s a spiffy dresser in sensible shoes? She went to Harvard! She’s a mom! And what a mom! She’s fighting to make sure that women can have their unborn babies dismembered in utero right up until the minute before delivery! Why, it’s the feel-good story of the year!”

Jonah Goldberg, on Wendy Davis and a new German word, for me, Fremdschämen, embarrassment for another who should be embarrassed for him or herself but isn't. German words can be long, but they pack in a lot sometimes.

My new German word is Schämenfürschadenfreude, feeling guilty for your brimming over with malicious joy in another's suffering. It may not be a real German word, but it should be. I'm beginning to have that for my pleasure in seeing Ms. Davis revealed to be an anti-feminist fraud.


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