Sunday, January 12, 2014


Advice A Little Late

I don't like the ugly, mercury filled, curly-cue lights the federal government is shoving down our throats. They cost a lot but they don't last near as long as advertised; and the light they put off has all the joy and warmth of an Eastern European stairwell in 1956. And they have vaporous mercury in them, much more mercury than coal fired power plants put out; and the government is shutting down coal fired power plants in part because of fears of mercury poisoning; so of course the feds want much more mercury than that in everyone's homes -- in children's rooms, above the baby's crib. That's a perfectly rational public policy. Unfortunately, the other replacement to the old incandescent bulbs, LEDs, are not quite there. They put off semi-attractive light at a much lower price per hour than incandescent bulbs and apparently last a very long time (time will tell). There is, however, a problem with overheating. Like I said, not quite there.

So my strategy is to put in LEDs where needed and hope they get better over time. They have gotten better than when first introduced. There is no reason to think they can't get better still. I have hoarded up on incandescent light bulbs. They can't be sold by manufacturers any more. So much for freedom in America.

I hope to get through the pointless ban on incandescents with my stash of bulbs and when they run out I hope and reasonably believe that LEDs will be a very acceptable substitute then.

This advice is a little late because last time I was in the grocery store, there were no more incandescent bulbs for sale. Maybe in your town it's different.

Sorry.Might have talked about this earlier.

LEDs here. LED light fixtures here and here. I like this George Kovacs model at Lamps Plus, but perhaps that's just my bumpkin-like taste.

Oh, and the reason we peasants can't have incandescent bulbs anymore is so the government can pretend to battle the non-existent problem of Global Warming. Just so you know.


You can still get halogens. Last I was at Soopers, I saw some some GE A19 bulbs with a halogen lamp. Haven't tried them yet, as I don't have any bulbs needing replaced. I don't know how much life one might actually get from a compact fluorescent, because I have yet to need to replace one.
I've replaced a few way before their time. Haolgen is pretty good light but it is a very hot bulb. I'd have to think it is expensive to light with them and I know they burn out fairly quickly. Thanks for the report. Let's try to get to the next
Tanner show at the same time, if you still go.
Next Tanner is 25-26th. Billll is usually there on Sundays at the CSSA table. Offhand, I don't know that I have any specific plans, though there's a HAM net on Sat. AM I want to get in on.
Sunday is good.
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