Sunday, December 15, 2013


Note to Film-Makers

In the past few days I watched part of the first movie of The Hobbit, the interminable troll adventure, and then the whole of the not very good Jack the Giant Slayer (glad, however, the child actor from About a Boy has grown up so well) and I have this to say to film-makers around the world.

No more CGI giant scruffy beings with horrible personal grooming and broad Cockney accents.

That credit card is maxed out.



Hey, I just watched The Hobbit as well. And was utterly disappointed. Jackson has done for Tolkien what Abrams did for Star Trek. I'm amazed that it's possible to start with the source material at hand, and stuff so little actual storytelling into 169 minutes. And in re. the final battle (goblins?), apparently Jackson believes that action, by itself, is sufficient to overcome the damage the entire sequence does to the suspension of disbelief.

It's movies such as these that send me back to watching the old classics.
I agree that the movie(s) of the Hobbit add without adding but I have to think the three will not sink the brand as the horrible Star Wars vols. 1-3 sunk Lucas forever.
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