Saturday, December 28, 2013


Don't Be Fooled

For the several out there watching the Breaking Bad marathon on AMC, let me throw this out. There have been dozens of heart-rending ASPCA ads asking for money so they can stop animal cruelty. Maybe. Or perhaps they are hurting for money because they lost a very ill-advised suit against the circus claiming the elephant handlers, et al., were cruel when in fact they take very good care of the female Indian elephants. They lost so badly they had to agree to pay attorney fees about a year ago to the circus of just under $10 Million. That's a big hit for any charitable organization, even the venerable ASPCA which takes in twelve times that amount each year. You have to keep in mind also the enormous legal fees the ASPCA had to pay its own lawyers to bring the disaster in the first place. It's very possible that less than half of the money you pledge will actually go to operations, rather some of it will be used to make up for the money paid to the circus for the false accusations in the lawsuit.

This was kind of funny in a sad way. The ASPCA is asking for $.60/day for dogs and cats while the Alyssa Milano ad for UNICEF only wanted $.50/day for starving children. Do we really care more for abandoned pets than we do for foreign children in distress?

Also, one of the things UNICEF is handing out to poor people are mosquito nets to help prevent malaria. I bet DDT would be cheaper and more effective (and we now know that, properly used, it has no deleterious effect on mammals or birds). Where's the life giving DDT? Oh, that's right, lying do-gooder Americans got it banned 50 years ago, consigning tens of millions (mainly children) in the tropics to death for no real reason.


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