Saturday, November 02, 2013


This Gave Me the Chuckles

I just noticed that James Delingpole, who was warning us about what could be the worst television series ever (I know, I know, the IQ robbing, generally unwatchable Oliver Stone's Untold History of America series currently holds that title), calls Avatar Dances with Smurfs. I started laughing again just for having typed it.

Apparently King of the Cinema World James Cameron, who gave us Aliens and the good Terminators, to be fair, wants to show us the world as only climate change alarmists see it.

I say it's getting colder but with more plant life now that we've finally gotten out of the CO2 drought.

What do I know?

Also, Cameron has 3 sequels to Dances with Smurfs planned. Three! In the next one the mining company will certainly return and nuke the planet from orbit, just to be sure, and then what? In the next two after that they'll have to show the trials and tribulations of miners on a dead, irradiated planet mining the anti-grav rock. Should be thrilling.


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