Monday, November 18, 2013


One of These Is Not Like the Others

Continuing the Big Lie that right-wing "hate" and "violence" were the cause of President Kennedy's assassination (and not the Carcano 6.5 x 52mm round fired by ultra lefty Lee Harvey Oswald), the genius class writers at Slate have this entry: The City that Killed Kennedy. Think for a second how stupid that title sounds.

Opening paragraph:

It's Dallas in the early 1960s, and the city is roiling with racism and McCarthyism. The Dallas Morning News is calling the Supreme Court the "Judicial Kremlin." The world's richest oil baron is arguing that billionaires should literally be able to buy more votes. A reverend is warning that John F. Kennedy's presidency will lead to Catholic domination of the country. Lee Harvey Oswald is plotting his assassinations. With this map, featuring excerpts from recently released Dallas 1963 by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis, explore the city that many blame for killing a president.
I blame George Bush, as James Taranto often says. Let's pretend this is worth taking seriously and track the points made.

1) Racism and McCarthyism.

The authors would have us believe that Racism is on the right. It is not. Not then, not now. It is the Southern Democrats who vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They are the segregationist. They are the racists. The Republicans are champions for equal rights of black Americans and still most blacks in Texas were Republicans late in 63.

McCarthyism was a little long in the tooth by late '63, as it pretty much ended in 1957, and the Republican Wisconsin Senator for which it is named was 6 years dead by then. I believe the Slate authors, in their historical ignorance, are just throwing out terms they hope will apply to the right as they have absolutely no evidence to support their absurd theory a city killed a person when clearly a person did it.

2) Anti-Communist name calling. Yeah, and? We are and were right and moral to be anti-Communist.

3) Political Corruption by money. Not particularly one party over another, but the Slate braniacs would have you believe it is right wing

4) Anti-Catholic statements. Very common among Southern Democrats then but who really is keeping a left wing right wing tally on religious bigotry?

5) The anti-America, Castro loving, communist Lee Harvey Oswald, who had defected to Russia and returned, and who had months before attempted to shoot General Edwin Walker, an ultra conservative, racist, Bircher Democrat (whom the left counts as right wing), is plotting the assassination.

Wait, how's Oswald's hatred of anti-Communist Kennedy Dallas's fault?

The article has a really neat reactive map with oodles of completely inane facts which totally fail to support the main theme.


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