Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Got to Revolution

 True that, Gracie.

Today most 'radicals' on the left are merely engaged in dissident role-playing along with a bit of revolutionary cosplay and puppetry.

Maetenloch at Ace of Spades HQ

Guy Fawkes, whose day England just celebrated and whose likeness (kinda) appears on the masks being manufactured above, was a Catholic who conspired with other Catholics to kill the Protestant king, James, and replace him with his Catholic daughter. Not quite the revolutionary today's hipsters are longing for, I suspect. I don't read comic books so I don't really know the origins of this mask, but the movie showed a normal, lefty fascist government in England disguised as right wing hyper religiosity. Yes, all English speaking citizens around the world live in mortal fear the right's improbable embrace of big, repressive government. We apparently fear zombies and vampires too. They are just as real.


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