Tuesday, October 08, 2013


A Range of Experience

Most Americans now have absolutely no idea what the Soviet "Gulag" was. Those who survived political imprisonment there know exactly what it was. Between these two extremes are, among others, the feebly aware, the expert historians and, by far the majority of these middle tiers, those who read some Solzhenitsyn, like me.

When the socialist paradise began to decay and fail because socialism is anti-human nature and can never work (Sweden being an exception to this general rule), those in power used to blame the natural failure on wreckers and hoarders. A lot of innocent people went to prison for the imaginary crime of wrecking some subset of the current master economic plan.

I've been waiting for some years for charges of wrecking and hoarding to be made by Democrats here in the United States. Now, that the roll out of Obamacare is a general train wreck, I'm beginning to get some whiffs of the old charges, here, here and here, to link to only a tiny sample. The modern American socialists use the French word sabotage instead of wrecker but the charge is exactly the same with exactly the same validity as in the Soviet Union many decades ago.

Look for yourselves.

UPDATE: Meghan McArdle debunks the "sabotage" claim here.

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