Thursday, September 19, 2013


Interior Travels

I foolishly ruptured my left Achilles tendon playing soccer on the playa at Burning Man. That put me eventually into a boot which meant that the actual walking around looking for moose to shoot was very limited. Still, I loved Alaska. Here are some less than overwhelmingly well framed photos from Burning Man (mainly Playa Art) and Alaska.

 The Temple (all pegged shaped plywood).

And from Alaska
Lion's Mane Jellyfish.

The Bay at Seward.
Abandoned, burned gold dredge.

Me at the pipeline.

Sunrise at the hunting grounds.
The only live moose I saw.

I had surgery to repair my tendon yesterday and that gave me, for the first time, some actual pain. Not bad and the huge cast is a pain in the neck that overwhelms the real pain in the back of my ankle.


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