Saturday, August 03, 2013


The Democrats Still Support a Modern Form of Slavery

I wrote about the horrible racial history of the Democrat Party here. This is sort of a part two to that history. The Democrats no longer support chattel slavery based on race but they still support a form or slavery. Let me explain.

The big lie being pushed by the Democrats is that in the 60s the Republicans switched with the Democrats and the Republicans became the racist party and the Democrats gave up their racist ways. The evidence the Democrats produce is that the former states of the Confederacy have all become solidly Republican, from solidly Democrat half a century ago. Yes, the South is religious and conservative and thus has a Republican plurality (don't forget the large contingent of unaffiliated voters in each state). But the Republicans did not take on the execrable racism of the Democrats; rather, the racist Democrats all died out and were replaced with their more enlightened children, most of whom became Republicans for reasons other than racial policies. But at last to my main point.

The Framers of the Constitution had to amend it immediately with what we call the bill of rights in order to get the thing passed by the states. The bill of rights, the first 10 amendments, are generally prohibitions on what the federal government can do. The 3rd addressed an action by the government which never became a problem in America, although it still stopped the feds from doing what governments had been doing, namely, having soldiers of the standing army live in the homes of citizens for free. The 9th was an attempt to make sure that the named rights in the first 8 did not come to be regarded as the only unalienable rights out there. In a large part, that amendment has failed, with the possible exception of some vague notion of privacy (beyond the 4th Amendment) generally about sex and its results. The 10th, which attempted to set again limits on what the feds could do, is openly disregarded and has failed nearly completely.

The first 8 prevent the government from doing something to you. That's all you get from, being left alone, or rather, being left free. Some of the leaders of our nation, advancing socialist and fascist ideas, have proposed other rights, rights to get things--shelter, food, health care, etc. The people who then and now support these "give me something for free" rights are almost exclusively Democrats. Republicans generally just want the "the Government can't do this" rights. The problem with granting a right to something tangible, something that is the result of someone else's work, is that you enthrall the someone doing the work to create the thing the government is giving away. So what? many liberals ask. We pay taxes to support programs which help the needy, infirm, and aged, which programs supply a "safety net" so that no one dies because of his or her failure to obtain food, shelter, health care, etc.

I have often here talked about the concept of the proper amount of taxes as the "rent" for living in this great country, that is, you pay with your taxes for the common defense, and the other historical, proper actions of government (pretty much the powers contained in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution). There is nothing in the Constitution which allows the feds to engage in charity and for a lot of reasons, they shouldn't, just as much as we, individually, should. So I'm not talking about paying the rent with our taxes here. Nor am I opposing tax funded elementary education (although I think it generally sucks now in its results) although the concept is the same as shown below.

What I am saying is that making it a right to have food, shelter or health care makes a slave of the farmer, builder or doctor creating those things. They have no choice; their labor and its fruits are given under threat of force to someone who has done nothing to create the benefit, just as the slave owners received the labor and its fruits of the slaves they owned through force. The Democrats in pushing these transfers as "rights" are, in a very real sense, still supporting slavery.


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