Friday, July 05, 2013


Would This Were Still So

Notice too how icy the Delaware River was in December, 1776. It doesn't get that icy now. Climate Change alarmists say anthropogenic global warming. I say Little Ice Age.

(h/t Ace of Spades)


Given the times we live in, it might prove more appropriate if the caption read, "We will kill you in your sleep during Ramadan."

Or something similarly Islam-centric.
That is still so!
I'm complaining about the two hands tied behind our backs defense we are using against factions of Islam who are seriously waging war against us. Declaring war against us should be an immediate signing your own death warrant. It is not. Thus, the war will continue for as far into the future as we can see.
Andrew are you thinking about drone strikes?
Kevin Williamson at NRO had a good article on Boko Haram specifically and Islam in general. He's fast becoming one of my favorite writers over there.
Yes, drone strikes are exactly what I'm thinking of. So what is your solution then to our lackluster war waging abilities? Say, in Afghanistan and Iraq, where we are technically waging war? or in Yemen, Pakistan, etc, where we aren't actually waging war but still managing to kill tons of people there?
I'm beginning to read more and more of Williamson, but I missed that one.

I'm not sure there are tons of dead in Yemen but we are blasting the heck out of the western provinces of Pakistan. How to do better? I'm not sure, but I'll write about my thoughts on a better way to combat terrorism in the near future. We certainly need to warn Iran that the first inkling they have a nuke and we nuke all their nuke infrastructure.
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