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Justice Prevails

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I was pissed off all day because the jury had not yet returned the only possible verdict in the Zimmerman trial, but they finally got around to it, and got it right. Not Guilty. I channel surfed between MSNBC and Fox News for a while and the difference between the mood of the two cable networks could not be plainer. I'm sad but relieved. A young man got the death penalty for simple assault. That's way too harsh. A lot of people seem to think that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was black, but he was killed because he decided to skip the rest of the basketball game and go beat up a 'white Hispanic' (1/8th black) whom he had racially profiled as a creepy ass cracker. His mistake, but death for that mistake is a tragedy.

I'm finding myself agreeing with Geraldo and Jeanine Pirro (who has her own racially tainted prosecution to haunt her), that this case should never have been brought; that it was brought solely because of politics; and that everyone who tried to get a conviction on the evidence we saw presented over the last near fortnight should be investigated for violation of professional ethics. Concealing exculpatory evidence and firing the whistleblower should cost them dearly as well.

The "Reverend" Al Sharpton (who is looking absolutely skeletal--I hope he is OK) says we'll learn more from the civil case. I seriously doubt that. I'm sure the other defense team in Florida can get the 'stand your ground' immunity there for Mr. Zimmerman without any real difficulty.

I'm not actually bathing in schadenfreude because of the tragedy described above, but anyone who is shocked or angry with the verdict wasn't paying attention or is deep in denial.

I wonder how many black 17-year-olds (and younger) have been murdered since Trayvon became a victim of justifiable homicide? I'm not sure we even know that. We do know, unfortunately, that the overwhelming bulk of them were murdered by other blacks. How come no one has rallies about that series of near daily tragedies?

UPDATE: I've been appropriately critical of the prosecution for allowing itself to be affected by politics, but as Attorney O'Mara properly noted, the press has been abysmal in this and is wholly responsible for the misinformation most liberals used to pre-judge Mr. Zimmerman guilty. Here is a timeline of the media being complete jerks in this matter. Disgraceful.


I haven't really been following the case at all, is there a good place I can go that will lay out all the evidence and whatever else you mentioned so I can look over it?
It's a huge amount of information. I was following it on a blog, Legal Insurrection, by a Cornell law school prof. Just pick through the daily analyses in the archives if you go that route. If I run across a succinct reliable retelling of the evidence, I'll let you know.
Thank you. I will peruse that blog when I get a chance.
That was actually very thorough and enlightening. Thank you.
You're welcome, #1 son. (Forgive the Charlie Chan allusion).
LI has gotten kudos around the internet for its coverage of the GZ case. Specifically, it was Andrew Branca who wrote the daily (and intra-day) posts for LI.

If you go here

it appears to be a reverse-chron-order listing of Branca's posts, with video.
Branca was the go to guy on this. I certainly looked forward to his analysis after I first read him on LI about day three of presenting evidence in the case.
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