Monday, July 22, 2013


Ironic Quote of the Day

Trayvon Martin's death did not occur in a vacuum. Ours was supposed to be the first generation of black Americans to be judged not by our race or the color of our skin. Instead, we find ourselves to be the most murdered generation in the country and the most incarcerated on the planet. Meanwhile, racial profiling continues to rear its ugly head in law enforcement and civilian life alike.

Benjamin Todd Jealous

To the naïve black American, such as the head of the NAACP here, racial profiling is worse than the crimes the profiling seeks to prevent or solve. The microscopic width of his vision is astounding.

How about this for an explanation? Blacks in America are the most murdered and the most incarcerated because young black males are murdering other black males at rates far in excess of their representation in the general populace, and they are getting caught. That black criminals are incarcerated in such high numbers is precisely because people are judging them on their actions regardless of skin color. It appears to me that Mr. Jealous is totally unaware of how deep in denial he is and how internally ironic his paragraph is.

γνώθι σαυτόν, I always say.


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