Thursday, July 25, 2013


Intrepid Human Powered Arctic Publicity Stunt Update

This year's human powered, pointless Arctic trek (rowing the Northwest Passage west to east to show how Global Warming is effecting the landscape) has finally entered the Northwest Passage after three weeks of struggle to get out of the Mackenzie River Delta in the Northwest Territories and actually start their stated journey. 3 weeks is about 21 to 25% of all the time they have to row the full 3000 Km to the eastern mouth of Pond Inlet on Baffin Island.

With the wind at their backs for a change, they are making great progress into Liverpool Bay. My calculation is that they've rowed about 385 Km, which is only 13% of the distance they have set for the trek.

Pick up the pace, fellas and pray that the sea ice in front of you melts by the time you get to it.


since you seem to be a bit of a climate-change wonk, here's something on IPCC's next report.
Thanks. I've been led to believe they are retrenching a bit.
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