Sunday, June 30, 2013


This Actually Makes Sense

On Earth our blue sky turns pink and then red as the Sun sets. So on Mars the pink sky should turn blue. Right?

UPDATE: My boy seems to doubt me. I checked to see if this was false color photography which is too common in astronomy. Nothing indicates it is. Here are some mid-day photos for comparison.

Oxidized iron planet surface--pink sky.


Ok, so I looked into it some more. The sky is actually blue, like earth's. A darker blue since the atmosphere is thinner and made of mostly carbon dioxide, but still blue. But it often varies in color because of the near constant dust storms on the surface, which can turn the sky anywhere from brownish yellow to violet. The pink sky during the day that you mention is apparently due to incorrect coloration of the cameras used, and it's not actually that pink at all? I dunno.
Guess we'll have to wait for human eyes to get there. Thanks for the research.
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