Monday, June 17, 2013


Science Fiction Art

Accepting my inner geekness, I have to say I love this sort of stuff. From This Isn't Happiness with the recurrent title, Space is Depressing as Hell.

It seems that life on moons of big planets is currently in fashion. When I was a kid, reading a sci fi novel or two a week, everything took place on planets and the moons in the books were merely the vacuum atmosphere, lifeless orb our single moon is.


I finally got around to watching John Carter. The leaping thing got old -- there's suspension of disbelief that's just fine for interplanetary teleportation, but the super strength deal applying almost entirely to leaping sort of grated. Yeah, lower gravity.

Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unlike the completely awful Prometheus.

I read Sci-Fi in the 60's which was set on moons. Lester Del Rey, IIRC, set some stories on Ganymede and/or Io. Sure, they didn't get as much attention as Burrough's work, et. al., but they were good stuff. Well, maybe it was just the one book, and I read it multiple times. And maybe someone else did something on Io. I think I read something set on Titan too.
I totally agree about John Carter and Prometheus. The latter was undone with horrible writing. Absolutely horrible.

I'm not saying there was no fiction in the 60s and 70s set on moons, but not very much compared to Star Wars, Prometheus, and Avatar. I'm not reading as much sci fi so I have no opinion about moons with life prevalence in current fiction.

Oh, by the way, I read an article about the genesis of Star Wars VII. I remember Lucas had always planned to do a third trilogy with the the original actors in middle (or late middle) age, with a story focused on their children. The story I read emphasized that Episode VII would be completely Lucas free so it has a slight chance of not sucking.
Well, if they can manage to get it Abrams free too, that'll be a plus. I don't know whom I'd pick as a director. Don't pay much attention these days, and Ridley Scott obviously has gone Lucas. Would be interesting to see what Kenneth Branagh would do. But then I don't know how one would continue the story with anything of interest, since it was all about the Jedi vs. the Empire and the Sith.

I have boxfulls of SciFi I have yet to read.
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