Friday, June 28, 2013


Nothing a Few Well Placed .50 BMG Raufoss Mk 211s Couldn't Fix

Here is a very sad story about the death, by blade chopping, of a seldom seen swift bird in Britain recently. Blade chopping? Worthless wind generator blades. It is a story repeated thousands of times every day the wind is blowing. Thousands of chopped birds and mangled bats for not a single erg of energy not already being produced by actual energy producers.

I have a solution.

Use the one on the left.

Here's what's inside that round.

 Happy hunting you Barrett owners.

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Oh you poor simple thing. You really think those blades spin fast enough to strike a bird or a bat? And that wind power isn't an effective source of power generation? You clearly failed primary school.
to the smart person clearly don't comprehend the size of these things. the tip of the turbines move at 70 MPH during low revolutions and at higher revs the tips are going around 180 MPH. care to put your hand out and test it?
I work at a wind farm, and YES, birds and bats die from these structures, pretty much daily. The blade tips move quite fast enough to kill something flying through its path.
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