Sunday, June 16, 2013


Constitutional Realization

There are plenty of stories and opinion pieces out there (like this one) which bitch and moan that more infringement on keeping and bearing arms hasn't happened in light of the overwhelming emotional well provided by the 20 dead first-graders in Newtown.

It seems that the leftie gun haters are coming to realize the Constitution's power to prevent or at least to curb the legislation they want.

It's a similar realization that Pro-lifers have repeatedly faced after a right to abortion on demand (for the first trimester) was found in the Constitution by the Supreme Court in Roe and Casey.

The only difference is that the Second Amendment is actually real.

Justin Slater who writes at Slate (in the article linked to above) did get one thing right: "Laws passed in haste are often bad ones." No kidding.


When I testified in front of my state's House of Delegate's and Senate's committees on the gun control bill, I asked a simple question. How is it that the privacy clause in the 14th Amendment permits abortion while the 2nd Amendment's statement that it shall not be infringed is ignored by the legislature. Common sense and logic means nothing to the gun grabbers. I would also expect the 14th Amendment's privacy clause to mean that government can not invade citizen's privacy as is being done by the NSA and the IRS. But what do I know?
It's just sexual privacy that's hidden in the umbras and penumbras of the words on the parchment. (eg., Griswold and Roe) In finding laws against sodomy unconstitutional, Justice Kennedy found a liberty right in the due process clause. I have never seen it myself. Good for you that you testified and got it so right. I just sat on my ass and bitched.
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